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My VIP DAY was mind blowing, It was one of the best sessions I have ever had. It cleared so many obstacles in me. I am a changed person now. I am now the person I LOVE to be. IT made a big difference in my life. After clearing my first Chakra, things starting showing up very clearly. I have a purpose in life now, which I denied for a long time. Fatma, you made my VIP DAY so special. The day ended with lots of excitement and new Plans . I just can’t wait to follow them. I didn’t want the day to end. Your follow up Assignment made it more exciting. May you be blessed always. Thank you for a day filled with so much JOY! — Sue

Thank you very, very much for a Great VIP day. It took a HUGE leap of faith in you, for me to say 'yes' to investing because as you can tell I've been wondering if I could really be helped ( after all these years of disappointments) or even if I could ever achieve my goals or ever be, do and have what I want. I am grateful for your special skills and abilities to take me into the appropriate directions to be explored. I didn't realize that I was blaming, playing victim and believing in non-existent obstacles and stumbling blocks. I knew that I had to feel and know that I was worthy and deserving but I didn't know how to do it. I am now on my way. I can now be fearless and use all the admirable qualities of my father that are in me. Thank you, Fatma, for helping me to recognize these qualities in me and also to realize that I have a Support Team. The ANGEL card reading was so PERFECT. Thank you. Thank you very much for your guidance, Fatma. You are the best. — Barbara

I thoroughly enjoyed my VIP day yesterday! I felt a lightness after leaving your place yesterday and I think it will take some time to absorb all that we did. I still think there is more to do but that is an ongoing process. Thank you for making it so pleasant with all the thoughtful details you put into it! It was a colourful way to visit the shadows. Rumi's poem is wonderful. It is so fitting as was the prayer you had for me. I have some work to do now but I do it with pleasure (and some nervousness!). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding in your heart to do this kind of work for others. Much love and gratitude. — Sara


Money Breakthrough Coaching


Fatma is an angel of Joy and Wealth Consciousness.  Her skillful listening and intuitive process for unlocking painfully out-dated 'soul agreements' and anchoring in empowering new ones is profound. Believe it or not, you WILL have a breakthrough in  your session!
Shakaya Leone
Author of Naked Beauty
Earth Empress.com



Thank you so much for our money coaching session today.  It was such a relief to discover one of my blockages and to understand how to break through the barrier that has held me back for so long.  I am still bounding around full of joy.  I keep repeating my Money Power Statement with such conviction and joy that I know that the tide had turned in my favor I would recommend your services to everyone.  You have a lovely telephone manner and are so easy to talk too. I certainly opened up in ways I would not normally have done so quickly but then I felt you were so understanding and totally non-judgmental.

Sue, UK


Fatma is an intuitive and compassionate guide who helped me understand–on a deep level–the energy surrounding debt. Several years ago I had taken out a loan to help with medical expenses surrounding my son's treatment and therapy. I was feeling anxious and depressed about the debt itself, and the slowness in paying off this debt. She helped me to really comprehend the gift in the debt, as well as give me ways to raise my vibration around it. Doing this will help me pay it off more joyfully and quickly. She also gave me exercises and advice regarding the emotions swirling around my debt, so it will not compromise other areas of my life. I adored the celebration exercise she assigned around my monthly payments.

I highly recommend Fatma's wisdom. As a mother, she understands the needs and challenges "mompreneurs" face and her teachings and recommendations always take your entire life into account. This is a rare quality among today's marketing and mindset teachers—I so appreciate her views on creating success without compromising your family.

You will feel uplifted and empowered after your sessions with Fatma! Thank you Fatma!!

Stephanie Pedersen


WOW – Working with Fatma was truly MAGICAL! When I had a Money Breakthrough Session with Fatma, I had no idea that I would have such a transformation. After an assessment of my own relation towards money, she gently guided me through a process that allowed me to see where my own obstacles were. Identifying what was in my way opened doors to shift my perspective towards money 180 degrees. From previously having a huge resistance of letting money flow towards me to “LOVING” having money come my way.

The true magic was, that I not only shifted my mindset through the experience with Fatma, she also  facilitated my embodiment of it. What do I mean by that? I FEEL IT and I am so energized to share my gifts in a bolder way than ever before. 

Providing services in the personal empowerment area myself,  I highly recommend Fatma’s services to anyone. She is such a caring and loving spirit, extremely passionate about helping women to claim their magnificence and I am convinced that she will touch you in the most positive way.

Thank you so much Fatma, for the difference you made in my life!

Renae Lauterbach, The Artist Friend who sings back the song of your heart™


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and with all my being, for the work you did with me. I had no idea what would come out of it. One never knows right – but here I am fulfilling my deepest wish and going back to India, my country. I have found the right place for me and I am going to do there what I love – a food business :-)))))

– Neeta Bali, UK


"Live your Magnificence" Newsletter


Wow! The content of your ezine is wonderful …I love your affirmations poster and also the suggestions for using the affirmations. I always look forward to your great ideas and words of inspiration, Fatma!"


Leslie Cardinal, Business, Career, and Leadership Coach




I love it, Fatma! Great job and LOVE, LOVE your poster + the ideas within! Excellent!

 Blessings abound!

Peggy Lyn



Thank you for sending me your newsletter. I love it a lot. It’s sweet and playful, yet elegant and contemporary.

Your text is so wonderfully written. I can really feel how passionate you are leading woman to live a magnificent life full of abundance.


Love it! Also your suggestions how to use the affirmations.

Renae Lauterbach



What a treat to read your newsletter, see the gorgeous pictures and get a beautiful Abundance Poster!! Thank you!! :)

Looove your newsletter – keep it up!!


 Interviewing the Speakers for the Spiritual Abundance Women's Circle


You are radiant at these interviews Fatma and pulling out of us the exact things that need to be shared. Wow, what a gift you are! I so enjoyed our call yesterday.

Nachhi Randhawa, www.sassyspiritual


It was just a delight to be interviewed by Fatma Zaidii for the telesummit. ♥ the connecting and sharing, this is going to be awesome! Thanks.

Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, www.asweconnect.com


Fatma is just brilliant: she is so good at putting you at ease during the call and asking the questions  and then building on them. Fantastic! Thank you so much Fatma! xx

Ann Brosnan, www.redcarpetwealth.com


A major, major thank you to Fatma Zaidi for making the interview a real pleasure. You were brilliiant as an interviewer!

Marlowe Aster, www.sacredfeminineleadership.com


I like the way you use enthusiastic words of support throughout the session. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

Jeannette Koczela, www.empoweredspiritcoaching.com

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