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How has 2012 been going so far for you? I am loving every minute of it's new energy.  I can’t wait to share my new teleclass “Secrets from the Art of Aromatherapy for Feminine Leaders” in February.  Look out for more information soon.

The Year 2012, is the Year of 5 (2+0+1+2=5), and 5 means excitement and non-stop action! 5 also stands for fun, freedom and adventure. 2012 is going to bring many changes as well as be a yearlong celebration.

The decisions you make now will shape your and the world`s destiny. During this intense time of change as a civilization we are defining a new era. Take a powerful stand for yourself and your destiny. You will change the world by changing yourself.

This week`s fresh and sparkly article is dedicated in helping you lay the foundation for flourishing in 2012 as a Dreamer and serving our world with love.

Love & Sparkles


You are the wealth of the Universe and your Beingness is vital to its evolution. 

Your Seeds of Love contribute to the Global Heart. In a seed lies the potential to shape this Universe.

You have the power to become a deliberate creator of your own life and consequently actively shape our world.

Awaken to your own power to choose who you want to be in 2012.

As you plant your Seeds of Love remember that you can’t force a flower to bloom before its time.

Dream big and beautiful.

Nurture and care for your Seeds.

Have faith and trust they will yield an abundant and extraordinary bounty.

Here is what you will need.


Create Sacred Space

If you missed the “Create Sacred Space for 2012” article in my last newsletter you can find it here.

I have received incredible feedback on it.


Choose a word that represents what you would like 2012 to represent for you.  You will be amazed at what having a theme will open you up to.


Your soul-driven intentions can change the world. People who achieve what they want make the effort to know what they want. Create the Space and make time for silence and deep stillness. Self-realization totally rocks!

This New Moon in Aquarius begins the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon on January 23, 2012. In Chinese Astrology the Dragon is known to bring Heaven to Earth and making dream comes true.

New Moons are powerful for setting intentions. Use the first New Moon of 2012 to set your intentions and let the Universe work its magic .


Your heart’s desires help you become more of who you are as you walk the journey of expanding your soul. Listen to the whispers of the Universe and pay attention to them. Follow your inner guidance.  Ask yourself who you need to BE to live your desire and be the change you want to see.

Your No list

To say YES to your magnificence and your dreams you will have to say NO to what does not serve you anymore. Create a list of what you will say NO to in 2012 so that you can say YES to what will transform your life.


You can’t do it all alone. Put in the support you and your dream will need. The bigger your dream the more support you will need.


To lead others you have to lead yourself first. What Self-care can you put into place to fuel you so you can show up powerfully as a World Changing Feminine Leader?

Vision Board

Fun Time! A Vision or Dream Board is a visual reminder of your dreams. Once you have done all the work above you can now get creative and play full out. Cut out words and pictures from magazines that represent your dreams and glue them on a board. Add to it whatever makes you heart sing. Express Gratitude for all that has emerged through you.  Place it where it will continue empowering and inspiring you to stay focused on what you want.

Soul-inspired action

Taking action is absolutely necessary to bring your dreams alive. Yet the Vibration of your dreams precedes your action. Become aware of your Energy and Passion. Honor your own needs and what replenishes your soul. Let your soul connection help you maintain a balance of action and inaction.

Lead with Love and make 2012 awesome!

Affirmation: The glory of the Universe is flowing through me!

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OMG! 2012 is finally here and we are getting to live and experience it. It’s an incredible feeling. However it turns out to be, it is definitely a brand new year to write the next chapter of our lives and it can be as powerful and magical as we allow it to be. 

2011 was an extraordinary year for me filled with many new, intense and amazing experiences and I am so grateful for all the goodness it bought into my Life. By Mid-December I had reached full capacity and was really craving space mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Planning for 2012 held zero appeal. 

Thankfully I always take time off for the last week of every year with the very purpose of creating Sacred Space for the new year. So a few days of contemplation and rest, a massive 15 hour decluttering sprint, a day of creating order and organization later I feel super excited to take on 2012. My theme is AWESOMENESS! 

I am delighted to continue bringing you awesome world class value to transform your lives on all levels so you can be the powerful Feminine Leader you are here to be and live the abundant life that will support you on your mission. 

Today's post is to help you create the Sacred Space that is crucial to your mission and purpose.

All life has to offer can only come to us when we have space.  Creating Sacred Space is an absolutely essential process for bringing in what you want. You have to exhale to inhale. Our stuff defines our destiny. Stuff can show up physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.   

Stuff helps us hide

Stuff takes up precious energy

Stuff can make us sick 

Stuff can suffocate you

Stuff will keep you playing small

Stuff will dim your light

Stuff takes up the space that you need to live your Magnificence.

Check out the following areas in your life and see where you are holding on to stuff that is stopping you from being who you are here to be?

Your home environment

The food you eat

The thoughts you think

The people you surround yourself with

The movies and shows you watch

The books you read 

The emotions that hinder you

The places you frequent regularly

The clothes you wear and fill your closet with

The daily practices you use 

The way you handle money 

The time you spend on what is not important

The activities you engage in

The work you do


It is all stuff and all of it will affect your frequency. Your stuff defines your destiny! You get to choose who you are here to be? What are the choices you will make that will support you in living your Magnificence as a powerful World Changing Feminine Leader?

Release to receive!

Let go of what does not serve your purpose and create space for what will transform you. Watch the Magic happen when you do so. What waits on the other side of letting go is Freedom and Ecstasy!

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