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What I am going to write today is very different from my usual writing. By nature I am a fiery spirit with a calm disposition. Upbeat, joyful and sparkly.  So two days ago when I had an emotional meltdown I was stunned. I can stay super calm during moments of crisis but this time my heart was calling. There is a gift in evey experience and a breakdown leads to a breakthrough. I stopped and listened  and channeled it into writing the "Live your Magnificence" Manifesto. You can download it here. .

 Today on 11.11.11 we are at a turning point. The Full Moon last night was exceptionally lush and gorgeous. It is an auspicious day and a turning point as we emerge into a higher frequency of living our expression. We will be playing the game of life at a whole new level. 11.11.11 is a magical date and we will not get to experience it again in our lifetime. The number 11 stands for the gateway into our intuition. Multiplied by 3 it signifies the desire to uplift humanity. Let's take the time to set our intentions from our deepest truth to support us in living our divine expression.

Today is also the World Day of Interconnectedness. You can join the collective celebration here.


Hey Women of the World! The time is here.

Step up. Step out. Rise from the deepest part of your heart and soul. Sparkle!

Take a stand for your Leadership role for our times.

Whoever you are here to be, be it!

Sing your soul's song  from the mountain tops.

Find your wings. Soar!

Feel the Fear.

Feel the wind beneath your wings.  

Feel the exhiliration.

The world needs you.   We are the ones we were waiting for.  

Men of the World! Join us in co-creating the new emerging paradigm.  

Together we will impact our world in the most beautiful way we can.


It is going to be a soulful and joyful experience unlike any other. Who are you called  to be? What sacred gifts will you flow into the collective consciousness? How will you serve?

I wrote  the "Magnificent Woman" Manifesto on March 7, 2011.  You can download it here. From my heart to yours, YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!


Infinite Love & Gratitude

Fatma XO

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Rich, Happy and Hot in NYC


Me with Danielle LaPorte and Laura Roeder


Rich, Happy and Hot was a major highlight and an intense experience in so many ways. I loved all the learning from the most amazing world-changing speakers, meeting 300 amazing women entrepreneurs, healthy snacks, unlimited coconut water and fun with friends in NYC. I am still buzzing with all the information that I will bring to my work with you.

For this issue I compiled some sparkly nuggets from Rich, Hot and Happy that are really powerful. Read them slowly and choose 3 that you will apply to your life and business.

With my intention to serving you in the very best way I can, I have put together my "You Matter" survey to help me help you even more powerfully. As a thank you for filling it out I will send you a “Ignite your Life and Business” PDF with 27 more precious gems from  Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo, Simon Sinek, Russell Simmons, Derek Halpern and Mama Gena.


Would love to hear your comments! :) Please post them below.


Josh Pais, Actor
Find a practice to support you to come back to the present moment. His  mantra “I am back” is very effective.

Marie Forleo, Creator of Rich, Happy & Hot
You don’t need talent or LUCK to succeed. You just need to decide.
Rich people hustle. Broke people wait for something to happen.
Marketing is the greatest world-changing money-making skill you can ever learn.

Kris Carr, Author of Crazy Sexy Diet  with a show on OWN
Become the CEO of You.
Decrease what doesn’t serve you. Increase what will transform you.
When you upgrade you will feel pain. Stay in the pain moment and you will gain a lot of truth, clarity, creativity and vision.

Julie Cottineau, Branding Manager for Virgin
A brand is a story really well told.
Strong brands have focus.
Every great brand is built on a grand idea.

Ramit Sethi, Author of "I will teach you to be rich"
Don’t try to appeal to all.
Change behavior first. Attitude will follow.
Understand your people deeply.


Simon Sinek touched my heart with his message. His  TED talk  will inspire you too. 



The insights of the Q&A reached even deeper.



NYC has an incredible amount of places to eat healthy and well.

 All pictures are by Armosa Studios.

Remember to fill out my "You Matter" survey to help me serve you even more powerfully and receive the gift of my “Ignite your Life and Business” PDF with 27 more precious gems.


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