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Welcome to the Good Life!


The Good Life is available to you wherever you are on your life’s journey. It is the way of a benevolent and abundant Universe. It is available to you even during tough and challenging times. Especially during these times you want to understand that you are being divinely nourished and you will find your wings to fly. Choose to make living the Good Life a spiritual practice.

Here is some joyful wisdom and practical ways to live your Good Life!

All of life is energy in motion. Your thoughts are energy in motion. Change your thoughts and you change your manifestation.

Change fear into excitement. Fear is negative expectation and excitement is positive expectation. Every morning greet the new day by affirming” Today, I expect the best!”

Gratitude and Appreciation  have a high vibration. Go on a Rampage of Appreciation. Keep a Gratitude Journal.

Hydrate! You know that water is good for you. Did you know that you are an electrical being and that water helps the current to flow though you. Water is the element of the Sacral chakra. This chakra is the seat of joy, pleasure, wellbeing, creativity, sensuality, sexuality, attraction, dreams and passion. Drink water and live in the “flow”. Add lemon, lime, cucumber, mint and/or a drop or two of your favorite essential oil. I love the oils by Young Living. Their Citrus Fresh is a favorite at my workshops.

Be kind to yourself.

Trust and Believe in the Power and Magic of You.

Feelings fade when not stimulated. Stimulate the good ones.

Love is an essential ingredient. Beam love out to the world and revel in the love that is showered upon you.

Honor the rhythm of life, the natural cycles, the seasons, the ebb and flow. There is a time to rest and restore and there is a time to blossom.  Live in tune with that rhythm so you can  experience the fullest spectrum  of your Good Life.

Spend time in nature and benefit from the abundant healing power of Mother Earth.

Make time for silence to open up to the guidance of the divine.

Become aware of the power of breathing to bring yourself into the present moment.

When the going gets too serious remember to laugh at this adventure called life. Smile, wink at yourself and give yourself a hug for still being on this wild ride.

Move. Jump. Stretch. Shimmy. Run. Dance. Move.

Be the author and heroine of your own story. The word author comes from the word authenticity. Be true to yourself. Be YOU! Dance to the song in your heart.

Answer your calling. It is your one way ticket to the Good Life.

Celebrate the gift of your life!

Love & Sparkles


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I have such passion for helping you create more abundance for yourself in all areas of your life. Abundance is really a way of being . I created a  FREE  Abundance Affirmations Poster to help you get into the Abundance groove  and embody  it  A huge thank you to my Assistant Anna for bringing my ideas to life. The Poster was included in my newsletter. Have you signed up at to be on my list to receive tips, tools, inspiration and surprises.

The Poster comes to you with infinite love and blessings. Affirmations, Mantras or Incantations as Tony Robbins calls them are really tools for your mind to help you create what you desire. Know that you are part of a benevolent Universe that wants to express goodness through you.   Here are some tips for you to use your Poster to create more Abundance for you.

1. You can use the Poster as is or cut up the boxes and use the affirmations individually. You can also have it laminated at Staples for 2 or 3 dollars if you want to.

2. Put the affirmations in different places  like your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, children's room, guest room,  home office, computer and car to remind you that you are an *Abundant Woman*  living in an abundant Universe.

3. Tuck one in your wallet to enhance your money flow.

4. Carry them in your handbag and gift it to family, friends and strangers to brighten their day!

5. Hide them in books or leave them somewhere as a surprise for others.

6. Place them in different places where you will find them exactly when you need to see them to remind you of who you really are.

7. Create an affirmation basket. Put your affirmations in a beautiful little basket  and pull out one affirmation every morning or whenever you need it.
8. Roll up the individual affirmations and put them into a pretty decorated abundance jar to give as a gift that will surely delight.

Let’s spread the love and magic of an abundant Universe! I would love to see a picture or pictures of where you put your affirmations or hear your comments about them so I can feature you in my newsletter.

Help me in the movement of creating waves of Abundance on our planet! We have people from all over the world on this list and every single one of us has the power to make a difference. Have fun making a difference in your world.

Love & Sparkles


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