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Are you ready

to break the rules?

to play a different game?

to ignite your Sparkle?

to live your Soul's purpose?

to own your Feminine Leadership?

to finally live abundantly?


I have been where you are and I said YES to owning my Feminine Leadership and helping you own yours. Leadership to me is about showing up in your Feminine Power and serving others with your divine gifts. I believe in the world-changing power of women who own their Leadership and the diffrence they can make for themselves, their families, their communities and the world. We are living during a pivotal time in history  on our planet as women step into their power and contribute the feminine  love, care, joy and beauty that only then can and that the world needs to move into a more eco-sustainable future for generations to come. We are the ones we have been waiting for.   I come from a culture that instills invisibility in women. But my Soul knew that I had another purpose and the calling was too strong not to listen to. Becoming more visible was a soul-searching journey that I am so glad I did! It has been my deepest joy to help women own their Feminine Leadership and transform their lives through my live workshops, online classes, VIP Days  and 1:1 Platinum Coaching. It has been wonder

If you feel that calling as much as I did, then I would love to empower and inspire you to own your Feminine Leadership, help you transform your Wealth-Consciousness and live your Magnificence.

I offer you insightful guidance, powerful mentoring, practical tools and resources to support you in creating a life and business around your soul, your values and your essence. Please check out my Services Page to see how I can support you to live your Magnificence! You are powerful and the world needs you!



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